Terms of Service

Reserved Rights

1.A Vendor Company reserves the right to decline any of the provided support services to any user, without reasoning.

1.B Vendor Company reserves the right to change product prices at any point without notice.

Refund Policy

2.A Refunds are not available for digital resources sold by Vendor Company.

Payment Dispute Policy

3.A Opening a dispute or charge-back request against a payment sent to Vendor Company is a direct violation of our terms of service. This will result in your resource license being revoked if the dispute is not cancelled within 48 hours.

3.B Any successful dispute or charge-back towards a payment to Vendor Company will result in an immediate, but most times temporary, blacklisting of your payment address and internet address (IP Blacklist).

3.C If there is something wrong with your purchase, or you did not receive the resource you purchased, you are required to contact Vendor Company via the preferred contact methods. If there is no reply within 7 days, you may then open a dispute on the transaction.

Reselling Policy

4.A The resale or redistribution of any of Vendor Company’s resources in any form is not permitted. Your resource license will be revoked, and your payment and or internet address will be blacklisted. This includes using any of our resources in a setup or selling the resource on another site not supported by Vendor Company or any of our managed websites.

4.B If you are interested in reselling a resource provided by Vendor Company, we require you to contact us before reselling the digital resource(s). Direct reselling is not permitted under any circumstance.

Ownership & Product Permissions

5.A Resources sold by Vendor Company are not under your ownership after purchase and can not be resold or claimed as your own in any way.